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Revenue generating channels will offer two exciting programs for those interested in leveraging their network to earn rewards: the Affiliate Program and the Referral Program. These programs are designed to fit different types of participants based on their approach to referrals.

referrer a software supplier

Referral Program

Specifically designed for individuals who prefer to make recommendations within their personal and professional circles. If you have friends, family members, or colleagues looking to buy or sell coding resources, software, or digital products, this program offers you the opportunity to earn rewards for each successful transaction they complete. It's an ideal fit for those who have direct, personal contacts who could benefit from the diverse offerings on

codehost affiliate program

Affiliate Program

Perfect for those with a broad online reach, such as bloggers, content creators, and digital influencers in the coding and software development communities. As an affiliate, you will earn a commission for each transaction made on, including purchases and sales of code, software, or digital assets, thanks to your referrals. We expect participants to engage their audiences through original content or by utilizing our promotional materials to drive traffic to CodeHost.Market. Referrals will be meticulously tracked to ensure you are rewarded for facilitating successful transactions.

Both programs aim to incentivize and reward your efforts in connecting new buyers and sellers with, whether through wide-reaching digital channels or more intimate, personal networks. Please check back after our official launch for more details.