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Our story

We are a synergistic ensemble of business and software innovators, committed to transforming concepts into realities. Understanding the crucial role of timing in business and recognizing the cost implications of software development, we’ve united and grown our team to pioneer this revolutionary global platform. Fueled by passion, as seasoned engineers with experience across various industries and technologies, we use our extensive knowledge to bring a meaningful change in the world of software.

Our Vision

Pioneering an ecosystem that transforms the relationship between businesses and software, worldwide.

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop a global software marketplace, empowering businesses and individuals to rapidly access and customize existing software and fostering innovation and collaboration.

​We aim to provide a platform where software owners can monetize their proprietary software without having to share the source code.

Lead team

We are a team of business professionals and developers, with decades of experience operating in the software industry, helping global businesses with custom and modern software-based solutions.

Harun Rasid, Founder

Harun Rasid


Harun Rasid
Arthur McPhee, Business

Arthur McPhee


Arthur McPhee
Cristian Irimiea, Technology

Cristian Irimiea


Cristian Irimiea