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AutoDialer App for Android and Iphones - Calley Autodialer

Calley is an advanced automatic call dialer app designed for businesses and individuals who engage in high-volume calling. It's a cloud-based software that enhances productivity and increases conversions by automating outbound calls. Key features include multiple autodialing modes like Power Dialing and Preview Dialing, seamless integration with various tools, and specialized solutions for different industries like call centers, insurance, real estate, HR companies, and mortgage brokers. Calley works on both Android and iOS devices, offering a range of plans from a free version to more advanced team options.


  • CategorySales & Marketing
  • Software typeMobile App (iOS, Android only)
  • Licensing typeSoftware as a Service (SaaS) License
  • Entity typeCompany
  • Source code available for sale?No

App features

Multiple autodialing modes: Power Dialing, Uninterrupted Mode, App Dialing & Preview Dialing. Scheduling capabilities for calls. Seamless integration with other tools and CRM systems. Detailed reporting and analytics to track call performance. Customizable for various industries including call centers, insurance, and real estate. Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Available Documentation & Support

  • Installation Guaranteed (online or onsite)
  • Documentation / Help guide
  • Technical support
  • Updates
  • On-site Support (available upon request)
  • Online Support

Possible customization level (at buyer's request)

  • Branding (name, logo, etc.)
  • User interface
  • Core Features
  • External Integrations
  • Anything necessary

Customisation hours included with purchase


Additional customisation hourly rate (USD)


Minimum contract duration (months)

1 month is the minimum contract duration.

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