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Launch your: Digital wallet Neobank Money remittance Currency exchange Payment acceptance POS payments QR payments Ewallet Crypto-to-fiat gateway In weeks, not years! A ready-made FinTech Platform to make your PayTech product go live in the shortest possible time. Share your product idea with us and have it brought to life.


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App features

Digital Wallet Services: enables the creation of digital wallets that can support multiple currencies and facilitate various types of transactions, such as peer-to-peer transfers, merchant payments, and currency exchanges. Payment Gateway Integration: The platform offers integration with payment gateways, allowing for the processing of card payments and other payment methods. This includes direct integration with the Mastercard payment gateway service. Currency Exchange Services: Through integrations with services like CurrencyCloud, the platform supports currency exchange functionalities, enabling users to perform currency conversions within their wallets. Card Issuing and Management: With integration capabilities for card issuing platforms such as Marqeta, allows for the issuance of virtual and physical cards that are linked to users' accounts, supporting card-based transactions. KYC​/​KYB Integration: The platform is designed to integrate with KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) service providers, facilitating the onboarding of individual and business users by verifying their identities and compliance status. Comprehensive API Suite: provides a robust API with over 400 endpoints, enabling extensive customization and development of user interfaces for web and mobile applications. Pre-built Front-end Applications: The platform offers frameworks for developing both customer-facing and back-office applications, available for customization and deployment. Accounting Model: A flexible accounting model is in place to manage transactions, user balances, and financial records, supporting both internal ledger operations and integration with external financial services. Scalability: is built to support a high volume of transactions, boasting the capability to process billions of transactions annually, catering to the needs of large-scale financial operations. Customization and Integration: The platform is highly customizable, allowing businesses to develop and integrate new features, payment providers, and financial services according to their specific requirements. Environment and Database Management: offers pre-production and production environments, with clear guidelines for database setup and management, ensuring secure and efficient operation of fintech applications. Technical Support and Documentation: Comprehensive support, including a detailed knowledge base, technical documentation, and customer success management, is provided to assist users in developing, deploying, and managing their fintech solutions.

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