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E-moove: Electric Car Management Dashboard

Battle-tested electric car fleet management dashboard with total control through CAN Adapter. The project started from scratch with a fleet of 40 cars initially used exclusively for Uber. The business expanded to include online car rentals from the fleet and later added a fleet management line of business, featuring a 100% E-moove developed software solution.


  • CategoryTransport & Logistics
  • Software typeWeb App
  • Licensing typeSubscription License
  • Source code available for sale?Yes

App features

- GPS tracking of each car’s location. - Monitoring of total, daily, and hourly mileage. - Remote locking and unlocking of each car. - Ability to extract photo and video from inside or outside of each car. - Simplified rental process allowing easy access for clients without physical key exchange. - Automatic billing based on the number of kilometers driven, using integrated GPS. - Reduction in operational accidents and damages, with over an 80% decrease in accidents. - Driver behavior reports generated from sudden acceleration or braking data, indicating aggressive driving. - Alerts for traction battery levels, including low charge or overcharging beyond 80%, to prolong battery life. - Alerts for 12V battery levels if it drops below 12V, indicating the need to charge the battery. - Significant savings from these features. - Developed entirely in-house, facing numerous risks and unknowns, including the risk of losing car warranties by modifying the car’s computer (CAN adapter).

Available Documentation & Support

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  • User interface
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